About Travel Pangea

Welcome to Travel Pangea! We're excited to share with you all our travel agency can offer to you!

Who we are
Travel Pangea is not an old-school mom & pop store. We're definitely not a bloated corporation, only interested in our bottom line instead of our clients best interests. We're not a turnkey internet website where "now anyone can be a travel agent!"

Travel Pangea is the new breed of travel agents and agency. Our agents apply their years of professional travel industry experience to work one-on-one with a select number of clients, using their wealth of knowledge to take the time with you, the traveler, to create the best possible travel experience.

What we do
All Travel Pangea agents recognize that their success comes from satisfying their CUSTOMERS, not the corporation, and are trained to keep that idea at the forefront of EVERY booking they make!

Our well-experienced staff can book ANY type of travel or trip:

  • Tours
  • Packages
  • Hotels/Accommodations
  • Flights
  • Cruises
  • Cars Rental
  • Rail Passes
  • Day Trips
  • Excursions
  • Travel Insurance
  • Business Trips
  • Class Trips
  •  ...and more!

Special Travel Pangea Trips
Travel Pangea also occasionally puts together special departures of planned trips, or custom trips created entirely for Travel Pangea clients! These trips are often to exotic destinations and are special travel styles and/or are timed to coincide with special events or occasions. Keep an eye on our Blog or our Special TP Trips page for info on these exciting adventures!

Some of these special trips fall under our "Wild & Wandering" division - trips designed for the more... socially active traveler. These trips are to happening places, often for special events, concerts, parties, or festivals. Typically trips will include some sightseeing and activities a typical tour would, but will also be geared towards a busy nightlife filled with music, clubs, drinks, adventure, and fun! These are not your grandparents' tours! You can find our Wild & Wandering trips here or keep an eye out on our blog for the Wild & Wandering logo!

Our philosophy
Travel Pangea is a travel agency designed for you, the traveler. Whether you want to join one of our adventures, need help finding the perfect tour or package for you, or want to go it alone on a fully independent custom trip - but don't want the headache of planning it alone! - Travel Pangea is dedicated to making it happen.

Our agents are selected for their love of travel and their skill and desire to help others share in that love of travel. Agents looking to "maximize revenue" or "climb the corporate ladder" need not apply. Travel Pangea was built on integrity and a loyalty to our clients, and book all of our clients solely with the purpose of providing the best possible trip for their needs and wants!

Travel with us!
If there's any sort of travel you would like to do, just let us know and we can make your dream trip a reality!